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My journal is semi friends only. Most memes, fandom related things, quizzes, tv posts, etc. will be left public. Real life posts, pictures of friends and family, memes that discuss my personal life, etc. are flocked. I usually friend based on common interest which can be gathered by looking at my profile and the entries that I choose to leave public. Comment to be added.
Never seen Dr. Who, but I saw this on thereifixedit.com and thought of, well, some of you guys. Made me lol. Now let's see if I can tag this right.

ETA: Nope. Take two.

ETA: Dammit. I used to be able to do this and according to the FAQs this should be working. Just go here:http://thereifixedit.com/2009/12/12/re-purposed-dalek-doesnt-like-to-talk-about-it/
Nose piercings bring odd boogers-that-stick-to-metal issues.

ETA: Aah! Almost accidentally took it out. Must stop playing with it!
I was wandering through some old posts on personalheroes and found the following post from myself:

No one's been posting! So you know what?

Mo likes marshmallow fluff sandwiches. No peanut butter. Just the fluff.

That is all.

*skips away*

I am re-freaking-diculous.
You know what I don't have saved in my memories? My whole Charlie the Unicorn/Sylar and Teh Twins o' Fail macro.

Dammit. Felt like reading it.
I am bored shitless. Down at my parents' house on a Friday night and have nothing to do. Well, except laundry but...tomorrow. *sigh* Saw HBP for second time today. Still love Rupert Grint. OotP is playing in other room.

I've learned to knit. Not very well, but it keeps me occupied while at work.

Think it's time for the disboards.
See, you hear nothing from me for months and then...I'm back! With a vengeance!

Cell Phone SurveyCollapse )

Other cell phone facts: I do not pay my cell phone bill, my dad does. Other than $100 a month towards my rent, it is the only thing that my parents help me with. I just purchased my first ringtones for this phone - Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground for The Young One and You're My Best Friend by Queen for RLBF.